Opening 17 September 2018

Be a scientist

Soon you can play and investigate your way through SparkLab, using lots of the same skills that scientists, engineers and mathematicians use in their everyday.

Explore your curiosity as you play with the exhibits.
Ask questions, test out your ideas and make observations of what is happening.
Design, build and make from your imagination.
Share your thinking with others and build on each other’s ideas and new questions.

You’ll have the following three zones to explore and you can start anywhere.

Our world and how it works.

Wonder at the changing world around us and investigate how matter moves, behaves and changes.
Explore Earth’s place in space and how being part of a larger universe can impact our world and daily lives.

How do we perceive our world? Do we all perceive it the same way?

Explore the science of light and sound as you question, challenge and test how you perceive your world through your eyes and ears. Compare your perception in relation to other people and animals.

How can we change our world? What does this change do?

Imagine, design and build to find solutions to challenges and for creative expression.
Make a change and see the impact. Explore and use forces, transform and transfer energy and test out structures as you imagine the possibilities.

Exhibition Guide

Want more? Download the guide for more details.